World Masters Cycling Championships - Time Trail

For Licence Riders


Class Age-group Age
Class 1 1980-1989 30-39 Years
Class 2 1975-1979 40-44 Years
Class 3 1970-1974 45-49 Years
Class 4 1965-1969 50-54 Years
Class 5 1960-1964 55-59 Years
Class 6 1955-1959 60-64 Years
Class 7 1950-1954 65-69 Years
Class 8 1945-1949 70-74 Years
Class 9 1940-1944 75-79 Years
Class 10 -1939 80 Years and older
Class Women 1 1980-1989 30-39 Years
Class Women 2 1975-1979 40-44 Years
Class Women 3 1970-1974 45-49 Years
Class Women 4 1965-1969 50-54 Years
Class Women 5 1960-1964 55-59 Years
Class Women 6 1955-1959 60-64 Years
Class Women 7 1950-1954 65-69 Years
Class Women 8 -1949 70 Years and older

  • ENTRY: Harald Baumann Austria-6380 St. Johann in Tirol PostBox 60 or Online
  • ENTRY FEE: € 30.–
  • END OF ENTRY: 1 day bevore the race, no late entrys possible!
  • START: 09.00 h, first rider
  • START INTERVAL: 1/2 minute
  • START/FINISH: Erpfendorf
  • TURN: Lofererberg
  • TRACK: Erpfendorf - Lofererberg - Erpfendorf (See map)
  • LENGTH: 20 km
  • ANTI DOPING CONTROLLS: Random doping tests will be carried out, please note the notices in the finish area.
  • ISSUE OF NUMBERS: Tuesday from 15 to 18 o'clock in the race office, on Wednesday at the start in Erpfendorf.
  • AWARD CEREMONY: The award ceremony will take place at 19:30 in St. Johann.
  • AWARDS: jersey, medals gold, silver, bronze, 15 trophies
  • [liThe organizer reserves the right to combine the classes if the number of participants is too small. Min. 10 starters per class.[/li]

Special regulations:

  • On WEDNESDAY the race track will be closed to all traffic.
  • On WEDNESDAY the race track may only be driven on in the OFFICIAL RACE.
  • Any offenders will be excluded from the race and will not be refunded the entry fee.
    This also applies to drivers who do not participate in the individual time trial, but want to start at the road race!
  • BACK CYCLING PROHIBITED (Keep 10 Meters distance)
  • During overtaking, a lateral distance must be maintained.
  • Every participant drives at his own risk!
  • Inclusion in the starting list only after payment of the entry fee.
  • Dimensions:
Starting Intervals: half minute depending, THE ANNOUNCED STARTING TIME MUST BE ADHERED TO (AS GIVEN IN THE START LIST) Start/Finish: Erpfendorf Turn-Around: Lofererberg Course: Erpfendorf - Lofererberg - Erpfendorf Course Length: 20 kilometers Prizes: Winner-Tricot, gold, silver, bronze medals, 15 trophy Prize giving ceremony: At St. Johann in Tirol at 20h Registration Fee: € 30.– | Please pay the entry-fee by August 20. 2017 Registration Deadline: August 20, 2017. No late entries available! Bibs Handed Out: August 23, 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. at the race office, August 24 at the start. SPECIAL CONDITIONS: The race course will be closed for all traffic on the day of the race. Contestants are permitted to use the race course on the day of the race only when taking part in the OFFICIAL RACE. Contestants infriging this condition will be expelled from the race and the registration fee will not be refunded. This also holds true for cyclists who do not take part in the time trials, but who participate in the road race. PROTECTIVE HEADGEAR IS MANDATORY! - REAR WHEEL RIDING FORBIDDEN (10 meters). Cyclists must leave enough lateral distance when overtaking another cyclist. Every contestant participates at his own expense and risk. DOPING CONTROLL: doping controlls are carried out. Please note the special UCI rules for time trial bikes:


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