Juniors Cycling Cup

The Juniors Cycling Cup is under the patronage of the WMCF. Many participants of our event have been coming to us from all over the world for decades. They bring their families with them and the enthusiasm for cycling has often passed on to the younger generation. Thus we offer also the youngest a possibility to drive road races.

We all know how difficult it is for the clubs to organize races, the conditions are meanwhile hardly to be fulfilled any more. If young people want to drive road races, they must have the opportunity to practice in the real world, as nice as it is to have a Cycling Academy on a virtual platform.

Airport Sprint


Class Age-group Start Age



Class Age-group Start Age
Class U13 2010-2012 09:00 10-12 Years
Class U15 2008-2009 09:00 13-14 Years
Class U17 2006-2007 09:00 15-16 Years
Class Junioren 2004-2005 09:00 17-18 Years
Class Mädchen U14 2009-2012 09:00 10-13 Years
Class Mädchen 2006-2008 09:00 14-16 Years
Class Juniorinnen 2004-2005 09:00 17-18 Years

The regulations of the ÖRV, the Cycling World Cup and the WMCF apply to the rides. There will be a gear ratio control before each race. Übersetzungslimits / Shifting translation limits / limites de traduction / limiti di trasmissione:
Junioren m+w: 7,93 m / U17: 6,94 m / U15 & Mädchen U17: 6,20 m / U13 & Mädchen U14: 5,55 m


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